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      DECEMBER, 2007  

Hi [firstname,fallback=!],

We're working hard to stay warm in the studio. We have ongoing game development, product animations, photography and 3D research and development projects. Most of these projects are 'top secret' right now -- so, in the meantime, check out a nice warm beach QTVR photo from Cyprus to remember the sunny season.

Happy Holidays! And have a very Happy 2008!

-The Meshfolk team

  Feature: Cyprus Beach  

Michael's Corner: Subsurface Scattering

In the spirit of holiday geekyness... Let's take a look at what happens to light when it shines on a candle.

When light energy hits candle wax, not all of that energy is bounced back from the surface -- some of it is absorbed into the candle wax and bounces around. This is called subsurface scattering.

It is an optical characteristic of many different types of materials -- such as wax, skin, grapes, etc.

This sort of complex calculation used to be nearly impossible only a few years ago -- but now, high-end render engines like Mental Ray support it.

Click on the candle graphic to the right to view an example of two candles: One with and one without subsurface scattering.


Feature: Michael Swartz

Feature: Candle Subsurface Scattering


Meshfolk's New Year's Resolution: Get rid of antiquated technology like Floppy Disks.

Yes, you know who you are… We're not the only one's with 1993 software in our closet. Let us all resolve to purge ourselves of technological clutter for 2008!

Or even consider donating your old computer to a local school or an international non-profit organization.

  Feature: Floppy Disks  

Patrick's Corner: Moldy Bagels

Speaking of things you should throw out in the new year -- check out this moldy bagel Patrick made in ZBrush… just because he can.

ZBrush is a wildly cool application that we use in the studio to add fine detail to 3D models. For example, you can add scratches, wrinkles, skin pores, etc. with the stroke of a digital brush.

It's easy to get carried away adding detail -- but it's those roughed-up details that make things look more realistic in the world of CG.

Mmm, tasty.


Feature: Patrick Salerno

Feature: Moldy Bagel


Thanks for taking a look at Meshfolk Behind the Scenes! As a special thank-you gift, we've created a new desktop wallpaper image for your personal computer. You can also see this wallpaper animated here.

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