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      JANUARY, 2008  

Hi [firstname,fallback=!],

It is in people where we find some of our most sacred inspiration. Meshfolk would be nothing without the many collaborators and friends who we work with. It would be the 'mesh' without the 'folk' -- the spaghetti without the sauce...

We'd like to take special note about the incredibly talented and wonderful people that have graced the studio in 2007. From generous celebrities (like Martin Sheen), to Nobel Peace Prize Laureates (PSR Founder, Ira Helfand) to artists and musicians and many many new and old friends.

We look forward to being a part of your story in 2008.

Happy New Year,
-The Meshfolk Team


For those of you who are interested in the header image above...

We envisioned a cascade of falling numbers with a gleaming 2008 rising out of the bustle of time -- it symbolizes the passage of time in a unique way.

We began by sketching on paper how we wanted the final render to look. We strategized several different technical paths to pursue. We resolved to create a dynamic simulation of falling numbers using physics to simulate the numbers colliding with one another. A little motion blur to add more movement and Viola! Happy 2008!


Feature: Mindflight 2007
Mindflight Summer Youth Camp, 2007

Feature: Jon Gorham, Martin Sheen, Michael Swartz
RefundsForGood.org Project: Jon Gorham, Martin Sheen, Michael Swartz

Feature: Chris LeBlanc
Musician, Chris LeBlanc, works on some tunes in the studio

Feature: Randall E. Hoyt
Creative Director, Randall Hoyt, works out some design solutions whilst simultaneously using the dark-side of the Force (ActionScript code).


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